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Its a hard decision... but... here is my reasoning:

There are over 400 images that were originally changed. The problem is that it is such a huge theme, and because so many image names, and locations have changed it will be weeks of file searching and name changes. Ultimately the amount of time to do it would not be worth selling it at 1.99 or .99

The first time I put this together it was around 4 months of work. Getting everything exactly to how I wanted it etc. And over 60,000 people pirated it, and around 200 people actually bought it.

Ultimately the piracy made me want to stop theming, But because people love my stuff so much I have decided to do smaller themes for free. Instead of huge themes for a buck or so

So we may not get UI Revamped, but we will be seeing smaller themes in the future, like Messages themes, Notification center themes, etc.

Okay So its outdated, image sizes have changed etc.

Been super busy I am workin 2 jobs :D 1 doing web development, and 2 computer technician. Haha Also doing tutoring.

Well anyways, I started tweaking my own iPhone today and really wanted Tweetie SMS HD again. So here it comes :)
Okay so I have convinced my self to rejailbreak!

Along with lots of support from the community. Which means I will probably start working on themes once again, because I cannot stand most people's standards and decide creating my own skins when I cant find any that are good enough XD

So Good News :)

Do not know if I will continue with huge themes, like UI Revamped, because it is so time consuming. But Small themes are a definite yes :)
So Lately I have been very absent in the theming community, why? Where have I gone? Why are there no updates?

Well I have been in charge of some big projects in my area, and online.

I have been working on redesigning the City of Hughson, California's website.
It is currently being redesigned but will be up later at:

Currently the old website is still up until the whole website is finished (I will announce it in a journal entry later)

I have also been designing an application for a few developers. The Team of MDM are working hard on updating and getting MDM out to the Mac App Store.

MDM is a very smart mac download manager. I am currently in charge of design, and rebuilding the website etc.

Currently the old website is here:

You can also Beta Test it until its fully released.

So I have been very busy trying to make a living, and grow up. I'm 19 and have been looking for a job over a year. Have been doing design since I was 12. I have been working for a webhosting company, and I am their Web Developer. And doing side projects on my own time, like MDM and other online stuff.

So I apologize for not being active.

I give permission as well for people to port my themes, and  I know some of my themes have PSDs as well.

Tweetie SMS has PSDs in them and you can do whatever you want with them, just make sure you credit my original work!

Thanks for reading!

Okay, so iOS 5 Natural Beauty should be released today, But I am unjailbroken and not willing to jailbreak until an Untethered Release is out.

So those of you who do have an iOS 5 Jailbroken iPhone, I need you to test iOS 5 Natural Beauty.

It is a Public Beta, and anyone can download it here:
or here:

I need feedback on what is working and what isnt. I would love if anyone has problems to simply post a comment on this, and or a screenshot link etc.

Thank you!

I will also have an iOS 5 Beta of Tweetie SMS coming out later this weekend for all of you to test.

Today is a very sad day, as Steve Jobs dies after battling Pancreatic Cancer for 8 years.

He has touched all of our lives whether you know it or not, he brought personal computers to us, mouse's, multi-touch, mobile music, animation, and many many more things.

He Has Changed the way we look at the world. He is one of the greatest American Innovators of all time, and is the Thomas Edison of our Generation. He has influenced the technological world like no one else, and has dared to Think Differently!

I have Put together a video of Steve that I would like to share.…

Rest In Peace Steve!

A Beautiful Human Being has moved on today, but we will never forget him!
So I have been dealing with finding a full time job in my home town. Have been spending lots of time job searching, and interviewing etc. My current job does not give me much money.

So, anyways I have been working on an iPhone iOS5 theme, but I havent had much time to work on it. Sometimes life gets in the way of online dreams ;)

Designing a Website for a Local City, they dont seem to have everything together, I ask for a theme to change up for them. Because they want it built with wordpress, they do not send me the theme that they want me to modify and change up in order to personalize it for them. The Wordpress part is up, but they dont seem too pleased. Well they didnt quite give me what I needed, whos fault is this? ;)

So Anyways I might be running a bit late for that iOS 5 theme,

Sorry guys

Much Love,
So I updated to iOS 5 Beta 4, and I have started modding the hell out of it :)

I'm currently working on a Lockscreen modification (including the new notifications where you slide to view)

For the most part, images haven't changed too much, a note for all themers:

Most images have changed to have ~iphone at the end. All of the images I have come across so far are the same size (meaning past themes can just have the names modified to work)

I have my Tweetie SMS running on iOS5, if anyone is interested in it, I will be releasing it the day that iOS 5 comes out, along with some other new additions to Tweetie SMS ;) (i'll give sneak peaks at it too ;) )
So I was working on some stuff the other day for iOS 5, decided to downgrade back to 4.2.8...... couldn't.... lost my jailbreak. Stuck on 4.2.10 with no way to downgrade currently.

I have my SSHS Blobs, but i am getting so many iTunes errors, i'm about ready to just stay on 4.2.10 :/
Well I have started working on an iOS 5 theme, of course it will take a while to complete. I am mostly just designing, I currently do not have the file names of the OS even though I can install it I would rather not until a stable jailbreak is released.

I will be working on a UI Revamped style iOS 5 theme for iPhone. This time I might mix some things up. Go with a different color scheme.

Of course quality will always be in mind and I will work my hardest to make it flawless!

If you would like to include any ideas of what you want to see, comment below :)

Things I have on my todo list:
New Notification Center
New Music Player skin/Video Skin
New Nav bar skins :)
And more :)
So what I am asking from the customization community is a list of togles they would like added to Black'd Out SBSettings.

I am currently on vacation (see previous journal) for 10 days.

When I get back I will work on adding your toggles
Like the title says:

I'm goin to be taking a Haitus from creating for a little while, will be on vacations, and working on other projects for my job. If I Do not get back to your comments/questions, I will eventually. I most likely do not have Internet, an am relaxing at a beach ;)

Also let me say a couple things about UI Revamped.

There will be no more support added until iOS 5, there are too many firmware image changes from 4.1 to 4.3.x. Every Apple Firmware update changes image names, and keeping 400+ images in order for 4-6 different firmwares I a lot of work. So UI Revamped has been halted for now.

I will be workin on an iOS 5 version as soon as it gets out, will be working on keeping it up to date for every firmware from 5 on.

So just a little message about future projects ;)
He's had 60 surgeries, is blind, can not smell or taste, cannot breathe without a humidifier, and was born with cleft palate, has to saline wash his sinuses multiple times in order to breath the air that needs to be humidified, and he was diagnosed with autism. GET HIM VIEWS! ♥

All he wants is some people to view and follow him on youtube! lets make him an extremely excited child, and lets fulfill his wish!

His Name is Peter, He is 19 years old!

The most exciting things are to wake up and see more subscribers. Show some love, view his videos and subscribe! Lets make him the happiest kid in the world!

Spread the links around the net, and lets show him that the world understands and is with him in his hard life!

View his video here:

Subscribe to his channel:…

Lets spread the love DA!
So I am going to be starting a new thing I will do every month where I will be featuring 2 artists that I find absolutely Incredible.

Artists that have extreme talent and have impressed me with their deviations.

I will Also be featuring not only their profile to share with all of my followers, I will also feature my favorite deviations from them.

So to get this Month Started (ending of May-June)

:icontroubleintheattic: troubleintheattic
troubleintheattic is an artist who has brought out the creativity in my photography. She makes me want to shoot more unique things, not just live band photography. She has taught me that the world is our model, and our camera is just waiting to paint a canvas of creativity! Her Photography reach's new heights of creativity, from simplicity to just outstanding colors.

The Reason I have chose troubleintheattic as my first artist to feature is because she has influenced my creativity over the last 3 years, going to school with her and talking all the time about photography was phenomenal!

Glory Days by troubleintheattic Swing Me Into Your Sunset by troubleintheattic In Your Backyard by troubleintheattic Soda Sky by troubleintheattic Walk The Line by troubleintheattic From the Attic to the Basement by troubleintheattic :thumb169460477: Stare. by troubleintheattic

:iconkevins555: kevinS555
kevinS555 isn't a new deviant but recently he has showered the iOS community with outstanding modifications. His signal bar icons look stunning, every pixel has been perfected.  If i was head of iPhone design at Apple I would hire him in an instant to replace the Signal bar icons and to be my right hand man in ideas for iPhone design. He is a great contributor to the theming world and makes pixel art that inspires me to learn pixel art.

Signal Bar Beta - Update by kevinS555 Diamond carrier by kevinS555 Update icon by kevinS555  3G icon by kevinS555
Anyone know how to make a Setting tweak? It would be very simple if someone wants to help me out.

I would be making a settings page for Slim Safari, that would allow different colors, and types of loaders that I am working on. It would have multiple options for whatever you wanted.

If anyone is interested in helping me code it etc. That would be great :)
So I reported that on April 20th Deep Blue for iPhone had his almost 3,000 downloads via Cydia.

I am happy to announce, as of May 9th, it has hit over 5,200 downloads. I even have run into 5 users using it at the local apple store. Surprises me how big it got and how fast! Absolutely Incredible!

Of course the incredible artist who allowed me to use his wallpaper: IrvingGFM

Make sure to stop by his page and check out his incredible art!

Let's keep the modding going, and keep improving our iDevices. No one should be forced to have a standard iDevice, because default is lame. Personalization will always be favored over system standards. ;)
Thats right, the long wait was worth it, because its here!

It will be live in Cydia today!

Lets say goodbye to Gloss forever! Things that have been added include: Text Magnifier, Lockscreen Dialer,, the iPod player, Popup Notifications, The system UI, the system Nav bars, video player (Includes Netflix, and youtube as well), and many many more!

Plus I will be adding lots of support for other applications as well!

So check it out in Cydia, its $1.99

Support an Artist and Skip a Coffee for a day ;)

Thanks for the support!

Plus its my Birthday today, what a great present: My theme being submitted :)
So, this Monday (May 2nd) is my birthday! I'm turning 19!!

Thanks for all the support! The day before my bday I get paid for my cydia sales, so I'll have a little to spend!
10 days of hard work, and over 250 Images later, a gorgeous creation is almost completed.

I've decided to call it UI Revamped, so lets say goodbye to gloss, lets get revamped!

I have released preview images here:  and here:

I am in the process of finishing everything up. Hopefully will get it out within a week!

Thats right! I've been workin hard and have released a little preview that you can view here: